Lela draws a weekly comic strip titled "Angry Little Girls" which had its origins in an (un)animated video titled "Angry Little Asian Girl" that was drawn in 1994 on the floor of her college apartment. After she finished drawing and editing the video in her college class, she hid the vhs tape in a drawer because she was ashamed of the anger she expressed. A few years later, she dusted it off to try to make something of it. She added 4 more episodes to her first video and had a lightbulb idea to make t-shirts with ALAG on it. She sold the shirts out of the trunk of her car and sold out by word of mouth. This prompted her to launch her website www.AngryLittleAsianGirl.com in 1998 in order to sell her shirts online and to have an outlet to self-publish her weekly comic. She tried to get ALAG into the mainstream, but she was met with rejection and naysayers who told her, "there's no market for Asians." While selling shirts out of her car, she noticed a lot of women from different backgrounds shared her experience of suppressed anger. So she expanded the name to Angry Little Girls which became the umbrella name for her comic strip world. In 2003, she started her own corporation, Angry Little Girls, Inc., so she could license her art to merchandise companies. Her merchandise line was sold in malls all over America and her first book was finally published in April 2005. Just two months later, her first book went into its' fourth printing. The Angry Little Girls books have been translated into Korean, French, and German.