·       2018: Lela guest stars on the television show Mom.

·       2017: Lela guest stars on the television show Grey's Anatomy.

·       2016: Lela guest stars on the television show Shameless.

·       2016: Angry Little Asian Girl celebrates 22 years

·       2015: Angry Little Asian Girl 15 minute episodes series debuts on a cable network.

·       2014: Recurring Role on Growing Up Fisher

·       2012: Lela is nominated for a Harvey Award for Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls

·       2010Book published: Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls retells the fairy tales. Fairy tales include:  
Snow Yellow, The Princess Got the 3rd Degree, He's No Beauty in the Least, RapPunsWell and
       Little Miss Wears-a-Hood

·       2008: Book published: Angry Little Girls in Love

·       2006: Book published: Still Angry Little Girls published as a follow up to the popular first book release

·       2005: Book published: Angry Little Girls first book published and goes into it's 4th printing in 2 months

·       2003, 2004: Appeared on Will & Grace and Curb Your Enthusiasm

·       2003: Series Regular on Tremors

·       2001-2002: Recurring Role on Scrubs

·       1998: Launched www.AngryLittleAsianGirl.com and later the same year, expanded ALAG’s world to “Angry Little Girls”   
       to serve as an umbrella name for all her characters.

·       1996: Graduated from UC Berkeley after majoring in Rhetoric.

·       1994: Created Angry Little Asian Girl (ALAG) as a sophomore at UC Berkeley